Important dates

Submission deadlines for 2019 to 2020 onward:

  • Intake 1 - March 1, 2019
  • Intake 2 - June 1, 2019
  • Intake 3 - September 1, 2019
  • Intake 4 - December 1, 2019

See notification deadlines for 2019 to 2020.


The Anti-Racism Community Grant (ARCG) program supports initiatives that raise awareness and understanding of racism and its impact on all Albertans. The program will foster cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding in communities across the province.

ARCG outcomes are to:

  • address the causes and consequences of racism in communities across Alberta
  • increase an organization’s capacity in supporting individuals who are impacted by racism
  • increase access to services, information, and advice concerning racism
  • increase opportunities for people to learn, discuss and address the impacts of racism in their community
  • encourage participation of individuals, businesses, institutions, and governments to collaboratively support anti-racism in their community
  • increase an organization’s ability to address the systemic causes and consequences of racism

For more information, read the ARCG Program Guidelines (PDF, 465 KB).

Funding streams:

  • Community Anti-Racism
  • Indigenous Anti-Racism

By providing a stream specific to initiatives that impact Indigenous communities and organizations, those groups will be able to access funding to determine how best to address racism in their communities.


The maximum amount of ARCG funding an organization can request is $25,000.

An organization can only receive one grant through the ARCG once per fiscal year.

Matching funding

Funding is approved on a matching basis where the applicant must contribute an amount equal to or exceeding the grant request towards the expenses of the project. However, up to $5,000 of non-matching funding may be considered. Groups requesting non-matching funding must be, at minimum, incorporated for one year and in good standing with Corporate Registries.

  • The matching funding may be in the form of cash or donated labour ($20/hr unskilled, $35/hr skilled), donated materials/services (verified at fair market value), or a combination thereof, all of which must be directly related to the project.
  • The matching component for a project can be all donated (labour, services, and/or materials) provided it is directly related to the project.

For more details about matching funding, read the ARCG Program Guidelines (PDF, 465 KB).


Higher priority will be given to:

  • projects with a broad scope and reach
  • applicants which have not received prior Government of Alberta funding for any other projects
  • extra-small to small organizations with an annual operating budget as follows:
    • $0 - $249,999: extra-small
    • $250,000 - $499,999: small


Eligible organizations

The following organizations and community non-profit organizations can apply for this program:

  • Community non-profit organizations that are registered (and in good standing) under one of the following Acts:
    • Provincial Legislation (Alberta)

      • Agriculture Societies Act
      • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act Extra-Provincial Corporations*
      • Companies Act, Part 9 (Nonprofit Companies)
      • Libraries Act
      • Societies Act of Alberta
      • Special Act of the Alberta Legislature
      • Universities, colleges and institutes as defined under the Post-secondary Learning Act
    • Federal Legislation

      • Special Act of the Parliament of Canada
      • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and must be registered in Alberta under the Business Corporations Act*
      • Income Tax Act (of Canada and operating in the Province of Alberta (Charities))
  • A First Nation or Métis Settlement in Alberta

*Organizations must have an Alberta-based address, which must be regularly monitored by an active member of the organization.

Ineligible organizations

The following organizations are not eligible to apply for funding under ARCG:

  • municipalities
  • for-profit organizations
  • any other organizations not registered under one of the above mentioned Acts
  • organizations that have overdue or incomplete accounting or reporting related to any grant previously awarded by Alberta Culture and Tourism
  • individuals

Eligible projects

Organizations must clearly demonstrate how projects will address racism in specific geographic regions, or in particular communities of racialized/marginalized people. Types of projects can be stand-alone initiatives, new programming, or resources, which may include some of the following features (please see the Application Guide for examples):

  • Training and education, including awareness initiatives, such as workshops, roundtables, conferences, community conversations, or social media initiatives
  • Developing resources, including information, fact sheets, posters and toolkits that address racism, bias or hate crime in Alberta
  • Support services, such as peer groups/organizations supporting Albertans directly impacted by racism in their community when they need it
  • Capacity-building activities, such as sharing practices, research and information, developing strategies and aligning tactics to address the incidents of racism and hate crimes in the community, or evaluating existing initiatives to assess their effectiveness

The program is intended for one-time, new initiatives or programs. However, it can also be used to support the expansion of an existing program in certain circumstances.

For more information, read the ARCG Program Guidelines (PDF, 465 KB).

Ineligible projects

The following projects are not eligible for funding:

  • any project that is not directly related to addressing racism for Albertans
  • any projects that is not deemed to meet one of the outlined outcomes
  • festivals, celebratory events, or stand-alone event or activities (for example, celebration of a specific day, parade, pow-wow, etc)
  • projects that are fully funded through other funding sources
  • ongoing operational costs

Successful projects

In the first intake, 33 community projects under the Community Anti-Racism funding stream and the Indigenous Anti-Racism funding stream were selected to receive grants to help combat racism in their communities.

See the list of projects (PDF, 52 KB)

How to apply

Step 1. Review the application guidelines

ARCG Program Guidelines (PDF, 470 KB)

ARCG Application Assistance Tool (PDF, 820 KB)

Step 2. Fill out an application package

Trouble opening or completing PDF forms?

Fillable forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill in and save this form:

  1. Click on the PDF link to save it on your computer.
  2. Launch Adobe Reader.
  3. Open the PDF from within Adobe Reader. You can now fill and save your form.

Fill out the following documents:

Please read the Application Guide for help filling out the grant application.

Keep a copy of your application as you may be contacted if further information or clarification is required.

Step 3. Fill out direct deposit form and budget template

Step 4. Submit the application package

Email the application package to or mail it to:

Anti-Racism Community Grant Program
Alberta Culture and Tourism
Suite 212, 17205 106A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5S 1M7

Make sure to submit your application before the submission deadline.

After you apply

Applicants will receive written notification of the decision regarding their application. The review and decision-making process takes approximately 3 to 4 months. The notification period is as follows:

Notification dates for 2019 to 2020 onward:

  • June (for March 1 deadline)
  • September (for June 1 deadline)
  • December (for September 1 deadline)
  • March (for December 1 deadline)

All decisions on grant applications are final, and no appeals will be considered.

Reporting requirements

Projects must be completed and accounted for within 18 months from the date the grant payment is received.

Project scope and financial reporting must be completed using the Final Accountability Report and submitted to program staff within the time frames specified in the guidelines unless an extension of the reporting date has been approved.

Please contact ARCG staff about reporting requirements or project completion issues.


Written requests for extensions may be considered and should be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the accounting due date.


To assist organizations with planning their projects the following resources are available:


Publication links

Pathways to Change: Facilitating the full civic engagement of diversity groups in Canadian society (2007) (PDF, 584 KB)

Anti-Racism Organizational Change (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Alberta Human Rights Commission - Aboriginal Resources

Truth and Reconciliation - Calls to Action (PDF, 299 KB)

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (PDF, 281 KB)

Anti-Racism and Anti-Islamophobia in Alberta’s Settlement Sector project

Anti-Racism Resource Kit (PDF, 15.6 MB)


To connect with the Community Grants office:

Toll free: 1-800-642-3855

Anti-Racism Community Grant Program
Alberta Culture and Tourism
Suite 212, 17205 106A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta  T5S 1M7