If you see a rat

Safely take a picture, note the location, and send the information to:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 310-FARM (3276)

Or phone your local bylaw agriculture fieldman office.

  • We have native species of rodents that are called rats, like the Bushy Tailed Wood rat and the Ord's Kangaroo rat that are beneficial species and should not be considered a detrimental rat.
  • Other animals often misidentified as rats include the following:
Red Squirrel - Body approximately 18 cm long.
Richardson Ground Squirrel - Body approximately 25 cm long with tiny ears, large eyes, and bushy tail.
Pocket Gopher - Body approximately 15 cm long. Note cheek pouches and claws, with short tail.
Muskrat - Body approximately 30 cm long. Note large toe nails on hind feet.   Wood Mouse - Body approximately 8 cm long. Big ears, big eyes, long and thin tail.
Vole - Body approximately 10 cm long. Small ears, big eyes, short tail.
Bushy Tailed Wood Rat - Body approximately 20 cm long. Big ears, bushy tail.