The Introductory Vegetable Production Workshop takes place Wednesday, February 26, 2020 in Nisku.

“Every year, a number of new people in Alberta decide to take a look at growing vegetables for a living,” says Robert Spencer, commercial horticulture specialist at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre and workshop presenter.

“It is an exciting prospect, to be sure. Vegetables are in good demand and most people appreciate them. They are healthy, and there are lots of great options to consider.”

This workshop will provide new or potential direct market producers in the province with training on all aspect of vegetable production, including information on production, varieties, establishment, growing season extension, harvest and post-harvest handling. The workshop will include time for networking and questions throughout the day.

“No one person who considers entering the vegetable industry in the province comes with the same experience, knowledge or even the same approach,” he says.

He adds that regardless of experience level, resources are available to help get producers started.

“This workshop is a great way to learn about vegetable crop production in Alberta, while connecting to resources that will help you along your journey. We’ll be digging into all different types of vegetables throughout the day.”

Register for the Introductory Vegetable Production Workshop by February 20, 2020 by emailing or calling 403-964-3276 This workshop offered by the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association.


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