Alberta has a long history of proactive involvement in Canadian transportation policy. It played a significant role in the review of the Canada Transportation Act (CTA), and in the development of the provincial and territorial 'Transportation Vision' document produced in response to the federal 'Transportation Blueprint' initiative.

Bill C-26 is an Act to amend the Canada Transportation Act, and the Railway Safety Act, to enact the VIA Rail Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors' response to Bill C-26 recognizes that effective regulatory reform is important to economic growth, job creation, innovation, investment and choice. As such, this document addresses specific changes or amendments to Bill C-26 that would help achieve these goals. It also includes some general comments on transportation policy issues that are not specifically included in this draft legislation. However, they do serve to illustrate a number of policy options the federal Standing Committee on Transport members may wish to consider in their deliberations.

Alberta's Response to the Standing Committee on Transport on Bill C-26