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Organizational Units

Treasury Board and Finance
Organizational Units

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Treasury Board and Finance
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Treasury Board Secretariat
Economics and Fiscal Policy Division
Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (FSRP) Division
Office of the Controller
Provincial Bargaining and Compensation Office
Strategic and Business Services Division
Tax and Revenue Administration Division
Treasury and Risk Management Division
Communications and Public Engagement
Public Service Commission
Office of the Public Service Commission Deputy Minister
Executive Correspondence Unit
Labour Relations Policy and Programs Division
Classification Service Delivery
Labour Relations and Occupational Health and Safety Branch
Workplace Supports and Prevention
Workplace Supports and Prevention Branch
Disability Management
Learning, Engagement and Talent Management Division
Alberta Public Service Communications and Employee Engagement
Executive Search Unit
Workforce Development Unit
Client Service Delivery Division
Strategic Services and Public Agency Secretariat
Alberta Capital Finance Authority
Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
ATB Financial
Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
Disability Management
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Inzunza, Nicole
587 597-0943 Director, Disability Management
  Program Administrative Support
Peters, Nancy
780 644-2045 Lead, Disability Management
Adams, Jamie
587 224-6098 Disability Management Consultant
Anderson, Diane
780 918-0053 Disability Management Consultant
Hyland, D. Raylene
587 335-4967 Disability Management Consultant
Iddrissu, Kelsey
587 985-4454 Disability Management Consultant
Le, Paula
780 638-3161 Disability Management Consultant
Leedell, Heather
780 422-5312 Disability Management Consultant
Tarrabain, Christina
403 340-7653 Disability Management Consultant
Thrasher, Sue
780 977-0295 Disability Management Consultant
Wishman, Devon
780 984-6178 Disability Management Consultant
Shaw, Lisa
403 340-5610 WCB Liaison Consultant

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