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Organizational Units

Treasury Board and Finance
Organizational Units

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Treasury Board and Finance
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Treasury Board Secretariat
Economics and Fiscal Policy Division
Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (FSRP) Division
Office of the Controller
Provincial Bargaining and Compensation Office
Strategic and Business Services Division
Tax and Revenue Administration Division
Treasury and Risk Management Division
Banking and Debt Operations
Capital Markets
Risk Management and Insurance
Communications and Public Engagement
Public Service Commission
Alberta Capital Finance Authority
Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
ATB Financial
Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
Risk Management and Insurance
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Number 780 427-4134
Ramirez, Maria
780 644-4041 Executive Director
Rocheleau, Jacquie
780 644-4038 Director, Risk Management Operations
Prommer, Shari
780 644-4037 Finance, Insurance Administrative Support and Supervisor
Cornelius, Kelly
780 644-4036 Senior Risk Analyst
Stetic, Daniel
780 644-4035 Senior Risk Analyst
Boivin, Phil
780 644-4045 Risk Analyst
Hill, David E.
780 644-5606 Risk Analyst
Knull, Lisa
780 644-4034 Risk Analyst
Walczak, Kate
780 644-4034 Risk Analyst
Downs, Mike
780 644-4044 Director, Claims Management
Baddour, Ali
780 644-4042 Senior Claims Examiner
Pagnotta, Darcy
780 644-4040 Senior Claims Examiner
Taylor, Scott
780 644-5606 Senior Claims Examiner
Corcoran, Dylan
780 644-4046 Claims Examiner
York, Kelly
780 644-4039 Office Information and Analysis Support
Lynn, Ayako
780 644-4047 Junior Claims Examiner / Operations and Claims Support

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