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Organizational Units

Treasury Board and Finance
Organizational Units

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Treasury Board and Finance
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Treasury Board Secretariat
Economics and Fiscal Policy Division
Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (FSRP) Division
Office of the Controller
Provincial Bargaining and Compensation Office
Strategic and Business Services Division
Tax and Revenue Administration Division
Treasury and Risk Management Division
Communications and Public Engagement
Public Service Commission
Office of the Public Service Commission Deputy Minister
Correspondence Management Unit
Alberta Public Service Communications and Employee Engagement
Labour Relations Policy and Programs Division
Client Service Delivery Division
Portfolio 1
Executive Council (EXC), Premier's and Minister's Staff (PAMS) and Communications and Public Engagement (CPE)
Advanced Education; Education
Energy and Minerals; Affordability and Utilities
Children and Family Services
Seniors, Community and Social Services
Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction; Technology and Innovation
Jobs, Economy and Trade; Immigration and Multiculturalism
Treasury Board and Finance; Arts, Culture and Status of Women
Portfolio 2
Talent Acquisition, Classification and Compensation Services (TACCS) Branch
Strategic Services and Public Agency Secretariat
Alberta Capital Finance Authority
Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
ATB Financial
Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
Seniors, Community and Social Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Dompe, Daryn
780 991-7850 HR Portfolio Director, Seniors, Community and Social Services
Kahlon, Jasmine
780 699-4713 HR Operations Manager, Seniors, Community and Social Services
Pardais, Mani
587 597-8421 HR Operations Manager
Nedeljak, Janice
780 907-5087 Senior HR Business Partner
Adekoya, Nike
780 263-8872 HR Business Partner
Boaghie, Ina
780 910-5059 HR Business Partner
Boulay, Amy
587 982-8289 HR Business Partner
Drissennek, Hannane
587 982-8289 HR Business Partner
Fosythe, Scott
587 225-2428 HR Business Partner
Olofa, Azeezat
587 585-2175 HR Business Partner
Onuoha, Elly
587 585-4924 HR Business Partner
Pitt, Anne-Marie
587 590-1131 HR Business Partner
Truscott, Art
780 644-0340 HR Business Partner
Acevedo, Victoria
780 242-6612 HR Portfolio Admin
Morgan, Colleen
780 863-7894 ER Team Lead
Deslippe, Charles
403 297-5972 Employee Relations / OHS Manager - Community and Social Services / Culture and Status of Women
Colburn-Swartz, Caroline
403 915-6761 Employee Relations Consultant
Karim, Fauzia
403 464-3336 Employee Relations Consultant
Omotola, Oluwafemi
587 989-1687 Employee Relations Consultant
Manguelle, Richard
780 910-1155 Occupational Health and Safety Team Lead
Lovell, Cassandra
587 987-5729 Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

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