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Organizational Units

Treasury Board and Finance
Organizational Units

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Treasury Board and Finance
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Treasury Board Secretariat
Economics and Fiscal Policy Division
Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (FSRP) Division
Office of the Controller
Provincial Bargaining and Compensation Office
Strategic and Business Services Division
Tax and Revenue Administration Division
Treasury and Risk Management Division
Communications and Public Engagement
Public Service Commission
Office of the Public Service Commission Deputy Minister
Correspondence Management Unit
Alberta Public Service Communications and Employee Engagement
Labour Relations Policy and Programs Division
Client Service Delivery Division
Portfolio 1
Portfolio 2
Talent Acquisition, Classification and Compensation Services (TACCS) Branch
Service Enhancements Unit
Talent Acquisition Unit - Portfolio 1
Talent Acquisition Unit - Portfolio 2
Classification and Compensation Unit
Executive Search Unit
Strategic Services and Public Agency Secretariat
Alberta Capital Finance Authority
Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
ATB Financial
Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
Classification and Compensation Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Moncrieff, Jackie
780 903-4706 Director, Classification and Compensation Delivery Services
Calliou, Monique
780 644-4614 Intake Coordinator/Admin Assistant
Davies, Belinda
587 876-8754 Team Lead Compensation Services
Bohning, Brette
780 644-7694 Compensation Advisor
Eufemia, Kelly
403 755-6137 Compensation Advisor
Walters, Jody
587 582-3758 Compensation Advisor
Woods, Ela
780 427-5450 Compensation Advisor
Serebrin-Janmohamed, Inessa
780 427-6116 Team Lead, Classification
Garand, Sandi
780 480-8481 Classification Consultant
Jones, Linda
  Classification Consultant
Khan, Lyila
780 427-1280 Classification Consultant
Petreanu, Mihaela
  Classification Consultant
Shonhiwa, Charity
  Classification Consultant
Geobel, Jacqueline
780 644-4772 Senior Classification Consultant - Projects
Nam, Kirsten
780 405-8242 Team Lead, Classification
Afolabi, Adenike
780 638-1440 Classification Assistant
Brar, Chetinder Kaur
  Classification Consultant
Beby, Shelley
403 340-7997 Classification Consultant
Zhang, Monika
780 644-8230 Classification Consultant
Stachowiak, Michelle
780 643-1351 Team Lead, Classification Portfolio 1
MacPhee, Allyssa
780 644-8767 Classification Assistant
Stephenson, Donna
  Classification Consultant
Tran, Huan
780 422-5289 Classification Consultant
Nguy, Jackie
  Classification Consultant
Ryan, Rebekah
  Classification Consultant
Wells, Teresa
780 644-8610 Classification Consultant
Pegg, Reagan
587 987-5136 Team Lead, Classification
Bily, Michaela Marie
780 427-2155 Classification Consultant
Lam, Chau
780 408-8448 Classification Assistant
Perera, Palinda
780 643-6467 Classification Consultant
McLean, Susan
780 644-7527 Classification Consultant
Wilson, Susan L
  Classification Consultant

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