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Organizational Units

Treasury Board and Finance
Organizational Units

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Treasury Board and Finance
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Treasury Board Secretariat
Economics and Fiscal Policy Division
Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (FSRP) Division
Alberta Superintendent of Pensions, Insurance and Financial Institutions
Insurance Regulations and Market Conduct
Employment Pensions
Insurance Policy
Pension Policy
Automobile Insurance Rate Board
Financial Institutions Policy
Office of the Controller
Provincial Bargaining and Compensation Office
Strategic and Business Services Division
Tax and Revenue Administration Division
Treasury and Risk Management Division
Communications and Public Engagement
Public Service Commission
Alberta Capital Finance Authority
Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
ATB Financial
Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation
Insurance Regulations and Market Conduct
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Sorensen, David
780 427-8896 Deputy Superintendent of Insurance Regulations and Market Conduct
Jain, Shant
780 415-6496 Senior Manager, Prudential Supervision
Ogunsola, Seyi
780 643-6568 Captive Insurance Specialist
Kher, Raunak
780 415-8196 Senior Analyst, Prudential Supervision
Lee, David G.
780 427-7399 Senior Analyst, Prudential Supervision
Townsend, Melissa
780 415-0518 Analyst, Prudential Supervision
Mathwasa, Thembi
780 415-8556 Manager, Compliance
Badhan, Sonia
780 427-0638 Compliance Officer
Milenbach, Sarah
780 415-2090 Compliance Officer
Ramaswamy, Asha
780 415-1159 Compliance Officer
Borden, Crystal
780 427-4896 Compliance Analyst

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