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Organizational Units

Transportation and Economic Corridors
Organizational Units

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Transportation and Economic Corridors
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Construction and Maintenance Division
Capital Planning, Grants and Engineering Services Division
Traffic Safety Services Division
Monitoring and Compliance Branch
Carrier and Vehicle Safety Branch
Modernization and Strategic Initiatives Branch
Springbank Reservoir Project Management Office
Strategic and Integrated Services (SIS) Division
SafeRoads Alberta
Strategic Policy and Business Services Branch (SPBS)
Executive Director's Office
Freight, Road, Rail and Air (FRRAP)
Policy, Development and Coordination (PC)
Strategic Initiatives (SI)
Economic Corridors (EC)
Strategic Business Services (SBS)
Strategic Business Services (SBS)
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Martin, Alex
780 427-8427 Acting Director
Lemiski, Dwayne
780 638-3101 Manager, Emergency Management
Maxfield, Michelle
780 554-3103 Manager, Emergency Management
Rankin, Barb
780 691-1820 Manager, Corporate Services
Anderson, Dani
780 422-6261 Administrative Assistant
Devlin, Lynn
780 643-0638 Business Planning Consultant
Neary, Corinne
587 545-0902 Accommodations Planner

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