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Organizational Units

Transportation and Economic Corridors
Organizational Units

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Transportation and Economic Corridors
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Construction and Maintenance Division
Capital Planning, Grants and Engineering Services Division
Capital Planning and Program Management Branch
Strategic Procurement and Grants Branch
Technical Standards Branch
Traffic Safety Services Division
Strategic and Integrated Services (SIS) Division
SafeRoads Alberta
Strategic Policy and Business Services Branch (SPBS)
Executive Director's Office
Freight, Road, Rail and Air (FRRAP)
Policy, Development and Coordination (PC)
Strategic Initiatives (SI)
Economic Corridors (EC)
Strategic Business Services (SBS)
Policy, Development and Coordination (PC)
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Ball, Kristina
587 785-9777 Director
Maweni, Joel
587 338-5690 Manager, Divisional Policy
Tomlinson, Sandy
587 873-2961 Manager, Legislative Planner
Beier, Faith
780 415-6489 Legislative Assistant
Brandvold, Sarah
780 644-5526 Senior Policy Advisor
Yiu, Maria
780 415-1653 Senior Policy Advisor

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