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Organizational Units

Transportation and Economic Corridors
Organizational Units

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Transportation and Economic Corridors
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Construction and Maintenance Division
Capital Planning, Grants and Engineering Services Division
Capital Planning and Program Management Branch
Strategic Procurement and Grants Branch
Technical Standards Branch
Bridge Engineering
Environmental Regulation
Roadway Engineering
Geotechnical and Utilities
Highway Operations
Pavement Engineering
Traffic Safety Services Division
Strategic and Integrated Services (SIS) Division
Bridge Engineering
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Alexander, John
780 415-1024 Director, Bridge Engineeering
Matwychuk, Clayton
780 415-0437 Bridge Materials Specialist
Wai, Bryan
780 415-1079 Bridge Preservation Specialist
Rahman, Mohammed Abdul
780 415-8321 Bridge Management Engineer
Kostyra, Michael
587 545-1401 Bridge Construction Engineer
Martinez, Lucas
780 292-1743 Senior Bridge Maintenance Technologist
Besuyen, Dave
780 415-1037 Bridge Construction Specialist
Keep, Landon
780 415-1032 Bridge Asset Management Specialist
Watt, Caroline
780 415-1013 Bridge Planning Specialist
Lee, Gary (Tsun Ho)
780 643-1682 Bridge Planning Engineer
Huns, Bino
780 644-0006 Bridge Design Engineer
Zhang, Tracy
780 644-1795 Bridge Design Engineer
Rettie, Nolan
780 644-3965 Bridge Structural Specialist

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