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Organizational Units

Transportation and Economic Corridors
Organizational Units

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Transportation and Economic Corridors
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Construction and Maintenance Division
Capital Planning, Grants and Engineering Services Division
Capital Planning and Program Management Branch
Strategic Procurement and Grants Branch
Technical Standards Branch
Bridge Engineering
Environmental Regulation
Roadway Engineering
Geotechnical and Utilities
Highway Operations
Pavement Engineering
Traffic Safety Services Division
Strategic and Integrated Services (SIS) Division
Highway Operations
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Bartman, Allan
780 422-6431 Director
Ashraf, Moh
780 415-1030 Highway Operations Engineer
Grace, Dennis
780 427-0338 Highway Maintenance Contract Specialist
Siewert, Craig
780 644-9745 Highway Operations Specialist
Hardy, Rhett
780 427-5815 Highway Operations Technologist
Hart, Tom
780 415-1031 Highway Innovation Technologist
Dietz, Penny
587 338-9709 Highway Maintenance Yard Coordinator
Abji, Shahin
780 415-4877 ITS Specialist

IT Standards Engineer

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