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Organizational Units

Technology and Innovation
Organizational Units

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Technology and Innovation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cybersecurity Division
Data and Content Management Division
Digital Design and Delivery Division
Software Delivery
Product and Delivery
Strategy and Operations
Innovation, Privacy and Policy Division
Technology Support and Operations Division
Broadband and Strategic Support Services
Business Technology Operations
Infrastructure and Service Management
Software Delivery
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Zuge, Ting
780 619-0579 Executive Director, Software Delivery
Alcayaga, Leo
780 446-6640 Associate Director
Rook, Carrie
780 289-3706 Associate Director
Ferguson, Shelly
587 879-0916 Justice Services Manager
Matsuba, Roland
780 970-8495 Business Analyst
Kalbfleisch, Shawna
780 427-6957 Business Analyst
Lane, Denise
780 427-9547 Business Analyst
Orel, Angela
780 641-9562 Business Analyst
Stewart, Rachelle
  Business Analyst
Bird, Andrew
780 644-8539 AMS Coordinator
Nakhasi, Rahul
780 644-8288 AMS Coordinator
Porisky, Natasha
780 422-6779 AMS Coordinator
Wenger, Carla
780 644-5147 AMS Coordinator
Sehgal, Vikram
780 288-4724 Systems Analyst
Wagar, Mike
780 644-2057 Application Analyst
Way, Shawn
780 920-8812 Associate Director
Pelton, Donna
780 415-8719 Team Lead, CFS
Formacion, Rey
780 422-3387 AMS Coordinator
Jackson, Sue
780 644-8287 AMS Coordinator
Korycinski, Cathy
780 427-8595 AMS Coordinator
Takyi, Jennifer
780 427-7840 Team Lead, Wildlfire Apps
Ducharme, Lynn
780 427-0521 Business Analyst, Wildfire
Chandrakumar, Dharr
403 297-3615 Business Analyst
Lindt, Elena
780 644-0463 Business Analyst

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