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Organizational Units

Technology and Innovation
Organizational Units

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Technology and Innovation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cybersecurity Division
Data and Content Management Division
Data and Artificial Intelligence Branch
Enterprise Content Management Branch
Content Management Operations Unit
eDiscovery Services and Functional Classification Taxonomy
Forms and Technical Services
Information Management (IM) Programs Unit
Publications, Storage & Disposition Unit
Digital Design and Delivery Division
Software Delivery
Product and Delivery
Strategy and Operations
Innovation, Privacy and Policy Division
Technology Support and Operations Division
eDiscovery Services and Functional Classification Taxonomy
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Flores, Diego
780 638-5986 Manager
Wen, Bonnie
780 644-1535 Senior Information Discovery Analyst
Acuba, Leandro
  Information Discovery Coordinator
Bai, Danni
780 427-4473 Information Discovery Coordinator
Chiong, Lilianne
780 427-9005 Information Discovery Analyst
Lorena-Mosqueda, Josephine
780 422-6636 Information Discovery Analyst
Inkster, Carla
780 422-1006 Senior Information Management Analyst
Lafleche, Jordan
  Senior Information Management Analyst
Lotey, Gurdip
780 422-7606 Senior Information Management Analyst
Coady, Caitlin
780 667-9711 IM Analyst
Wood, Samantha L.
  IM Analyst

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