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Organizational Units

Technology and Innovation
Organizational Units

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Technology and Innovation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cybersecurity Division
Data and Content Management Division
Digital Design and Delivery Division
Innovation, Privacy and Policy Division
Technology Support and Operations Division
Broadband and Strategic Support Services
Broadband Services
Strategic Services
Financial Services
IT Goods and Services Procurement
Business Technology Operations
Infrastructure and Service Management
Financial Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Anderson, Joline
780 918-0659 Director, Financial Services
Schultz, Monique
780 644-3944 Sector Administrator
Kwok, Lan
  Manager, IMT Strategic Financial Services
Scott, Shannon
780 644-8945 Costing Analyst
Osbak, Heather
780 415-8802 Costing Analyst
Williams, MargaretRose
780 427-2308 Business Analyst
Seib, Michelle
780 722-3253 Manager, Financial Management
Lampejo, Bose
780 868-0724 Project Financial Analyst
Pasanen, Cindi
780 422-8893 Financial Analyst
Stevens, Maria
780 427-4779 Financial Analyst
Du, Meiqin
780 638-5644 Financial Coordinator
Fitzpatrick, Karen
780 217-5939 Financial Coordinator
Ng, Saucha
780 422-1533 Financial Coordinator

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