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Organizational Units

Technology and Innovation
Organizational Units

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Technology and Innovation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cybersecurity Division
Data and Content Management Division
Digital Design and Delivery Division
Innovation, Privacy and Policy Division
Technology Support and Operations Division
Broadband and Strategic Support Services
Business Technology Operations
Cloud Platform Services
Service Integration
BERNIE Pit and MS Dyn Services
Collaboration and Content Services
Data, Application and Geospatial Services
Data and Geospatial Services
Applications Services
Oil Sands Monitoring
Infrastructure and Service Management
Applications Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Leung, Jodie
587 983-9873 Senior Manager, Application Services
Kolotyluk, Peter
780 415-8608 Manager, INFRAS, JEND, MA & LMS
Tse, Thomas
780 782-3995 Manager, Culture
Shagevich, Evgeniy
780 415-1367 Manager, Agriculture, APMC and SA
Bolt, Tim
780 695-2315 Team Lead, JSG
Lang, Star
780 422-9723 Team Lead, SA and PSC
Arenas, Daniel
780 427-1190 Senior Application Services
Tesfaizgi, Eden
780 643-6317 Application Analyst, MA
Kamalanathan, Praveen
780 427-9011 Application Analyst, JEND
Mockford, Randy
780 422-7592 Application Analyst, INFRAS
Hodge, George
780 644-1166 Systems Analyst
Coulcombe, Danielle
780 644-9865 Application Analyst
Ho, Kong
780 638-4275 Application Analyst
Juson, Maria Roselle
  Application Analyst
Petersen, Gitte
780 643-0878 Application Analyst
Diaz, Fernando
780 644-8785 Systems Analyst
Jacobs, Alex
780 643-1493 Systems Analyst
Braslavsky, Yelena
780 643-9456 Application Analyst
Javed, Shahid
780 644-5693 Application Analyst
Luu, Kim
780 643-9040 Application Analyst
Dhaliwal, Jatinder
780 993-8993 Senior Applications Services, APMC
Mahboob-ul-Haq, Muhammad
780 644-2290 Application Analyst, AIPMC
Barre, Solomon
780 638-3285 Systems Analyst
Hodges, Jim
780 422-0760 Application Analyst, Agriculture
Liu, Bill
780 644-8854 Application Analyst, Agriculture
Semotiuk, Darren
780 422-6688 Application Analyst, Agriculture
Williams, Mike
780 422-9623 Application Analyst
Yu, Shawn
780 427-2835 Application Analyst

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