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Organizational Units

Technology and Innovation
Organizational Units

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Technology and Innovation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cybersecurity Division
Data and Content Management Division
Digital Design and Delivery Division
Innovation, Privacy and Policy Division
Technology Support and Operations Division
Broadband and Strategic Support Services
Business Technology Operations
Cloud Platform Services
Service Integration
BERNIE Pit and MS Dyn Services
Collaboration and Content Services
Data, Application and Geospatial Services
Data and Geospatial Services
Applications Services
Oil Sands Monitoring
Infrastructure and Service Management
Data and Geospatial Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Prasad, Ram
780 415-2876 Senior Manager, Data and Geospatial Services
Lynch, Matthew
403 381-5993 GIS Architecture Lead
Vedula, Bhanu Priya
  GIS Data Architecture Lead
Pate, Kathleen
780 638-3190 GIS Engagement Lead
Remesz, Vernon
403 308-4525 GIS Product Development Manager
Han, Frank
780 644-1662 GIS Data Solution Architect
Atkins, Margaret
780 422-3477 GIS Data Integration Analyst
Buzahora, Lara
  GIS Systems Administrator
Dhaliwal, Parminder
  GIS Systems Administrator
Saxena, Saurabh
780 643-1956 GIS Systems Administrator
Olson, Diane
GIS Engagement Analyst
Data and Geospatial Services

Technology and Innovation

Phone: 780 422-3450

780 422-3450 GIS Engagement Analyst
Chaglani, Shafraz
587 983-7116 Data Solutions Analyst
LeGrow, Zachary
780 415-0951 Data Solutions Analyst
Liu, Hong
780 644-4139 Data Solutions Analyst
Low, Alison
780 720-1855 Data Solutions Analyst
Wojcik, Jolanta
780 427-9028 Data Solutions Analyst
Linton, Andrea
780 995-5422 Senior Data Business Analyst
Halliday, Robyn
780 422-1672 Data Business Analyst
Ly, David
780 427-2375 Data Systems Analyst
Macleod, Ewan
780 644-1663 Data Systems Analyst

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