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Organizational Units

Technology and Innovation
Organizational Units

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Technology and Innovation
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Cybersecurity Division
Data and Content Management Division
Digital Design and Delivery Division
Innovation, Privacy and Policy Division
Technology Support and Operations Division
Broadband and Strategic Support Services
Business Technology Operations
Infrastructure and Service Management
Continuity and Assurance Services
Service Design and Enablement
Service Request Fulfillment and Enablement
Technical Services
Service Request Fulfillment and Enablement
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Pellegrini, Marc
780 644-3154 Team Lead, Wireline
Crowley, Glen
780 422-8002 Telecom Specialist
Caringal, Hercules
780 427-4280 Telecom Specialist
George, Berlanti
780 422-0638 Telecommunications Specialist
Linke, Jerry
780 415-8862 Telecom Specialist
Taylor, Darlene
780 427-8606 Telecom Specialist
Tran, Kevin
780 427-6499 Telecom Specialist
Bemportato, Francesca
780 427-8607 Telecom Specialist
Soucy, Pascal
780 427-4364 Telecom Specialist
Prime, Kyle
780 415-4831 Telecom Specialist
Hercules, Lorna
780 641-9627 File Review Specialist
Tabin, Kris
  Team Lead, JSG IMT Support Desk
Jacildone, Ken
  Operations Analyst
Saroye, Bhalinder
780 638-4266 Operations Analyst
MacKinnon, Tabitha
Operations Analyst
Service Request Fulfillment and Enablement

Technology and Innovation

Operations Analyst
Parlee, Susannah
780 638-1839 Team Lead, Mobility Services
Betchuk, Tami
780 415-9314 Mobile Wireless Coordinator
Mah, Kay
780 644-5777 Mobile Services Coordinator
Borgess, Carmen
780 644-8223 Mobile Services Coordinator
Vong, Yen
780 415-2992 Mobile Service Coordinator
Daylath, Arunajith
780 415-4659 Mobile Services Coordinator
Tse, Penny
780 644-3760 Mobile Services Coordinator
Rivest, Marilyn
780 415-0129 Senior Mobile Wireless Services Analyst
Hill, Cheryl
780 427-5963 Senior Request Fulfillment Analyst
Kaminski, Carolyn
780 422-6635 Senior Request Fulfillment Analyst
Dunn, Jeff
780 644-2005 Request Fulfillment Analyst
Daoust, Cathy
780 644-4991 ESM Request Analyst
Shanks, Paul
587 340-0861 Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Risk and Resiliance Technical Analyst
Roche, Daniella
  User Lifecycle Analyst
Rinholm, Sherry
780 422-8260 Team Lead, SRC
Field, Jason
780 427-9671 SRC
Grover, Seth
Rahman, Mohammed
403 297-5456 SRC
Gillard, Donna
780 415-2058 SRC
Boodhoo, Anil
780 638-5952 Acting Team Lead, Security Administration
Ragobeer, Delon
780 644-1067 Security Admin Analyst
Taylor, Rodney
780 643-1582 Security Admin Analyst
Laqui, Alma
780 415-5843 Security Admin Analyst
Ali, Mohammed
780 643-0927 Security Admin Analyst
Hothi, Amarjit
780 643-0928 Security Admin Analyst
Janiszewski, Paul
780 638-9674 Security Admin Analyst

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