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Organizational Units

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Organizational Units

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Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministerial Correspondence Unit (MCU)
Strategic Planning and Financial Services / Senior Financial Officer
Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission
Consumer, Registry and Strategic Services Division
Consumer Services
Foreign Ownership of Land (FOLA)
Land Titles and Surveys
Motor Vehicle and Registries Administration
Policy, Governance and Legislative Services
Registries and Resolutions
Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service
Vital Statistics and Corporate Registry
Vital Statistics
Personal Property Registry
Registries Evolution Branch
Strategic Initiatives Branch
Financial and Administrative Shared Services Division
Red Tape Reduction
Vital Statistics and Corporate Registry
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
780 907-6661 Manager, Vital Statistics and Corporate Registry
Cherian, Tammy
780 638-4203 Supervisor, Corporate Registry
Honscharow, Shelley
780 415-9532 Corporate Registry Specialist
Kyeyune, Lenoard
780 638-4125 Corporate Registry Specialist
Shadagopal, Mala
780 643-0946 Corporate Registry Specialist
Zhang, Qianheng
780 638-4199 Corporate Registry Specialist
Bernal, Gerardo
780 638-1360 Corporate Registry/Registries On-Line Specialists
Biamonte, Denise
780 638-9578 Corporate Registry/Registries On-Line Specialists
Doriano, Jessica
780 638-3725 Corporate Registry/Registries On-Line Specialists
Shivji, Shahnaz
780 638-3383 Corporate Registry/Registries On-Line Specialists
Davis, Melodee
780 643-0946 Registration Officer
Townsend, Glenda
780 415-2259 Supervisor, Non-Profit Compliance
Conlin, Meredtih
780 643-1716 Non-Profit Compliance Officer
McTague, Janet
780 427-2924 Non-Profit Compliance Officer
Naguit, Leilani
780 638-4565 Non-Profit Compliance Officer
Paz, Ruby
780 427-2922 Corporate Registry/Non-Profit Maintenance Filing Specialist
Szul, Joanna
780 427-2924 Corporate Registry/Non-Profit Maintenance Filing Specialist
Shannon, Laurie
780 422-7013 Policy Analyst

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