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Organizational Units

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Organizational Units

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Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission
Consumer, Registry and Strategic Services Division
Consumer Services
Foreign Ownership of Land (FOLA)
Land Titles and Surveys
Motor Vehicle and Registries Administration
Registries Administration and Accountability
Motor Vehicles
Projects and Program Support
Policy, Governance and Legislative Services
Registries and Resolutions
Registries Evolution Branch
Strategic Initiatives Branch
Financial and Administrative Shared Services Division
Red Tape Reduction
Motor Vehicles
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Mac Eachern, Christia
587 985-2878 Team Lead, Motor Vehicles
Sharma, Monika
780 422-6956 Senior Business Analyst, Motor Vehilcles
Plomp, Rebecca
780 644-3093 Product Director, Motor Vehicles
Basilan, Erika
  Product Owner
Hughes, Kaitlan
  Product Owner
Costa, Amanda
780 415-2754 Policy Advisor
Dumur, Tammy
780 641-1355 Motor Vehicle Specialist
Vuong, Helen
Motor Vehicle Specialist
Motor Vehicles

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction

Phone: 780 641-8627
Fax: 780 422-3096

780 641-8627 Motor Vehicle Specialist
Zombor, Lorijana
780 415-1656 Motor Vehicle Specialist

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