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Organizational Units

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Organizational Units

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Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission
Consumer, Registry and Strategic Services Division
Consumer Services
Consumer Programs
Market and Industry Standards
Strategic Policy, Education and Innovation
Foreign Ownership of Land (FOLA)
Land Titles and Surveys
Motor Vehicle and Registries Administration
Policy, Governance and Legislative Services
Registries and Resolutions
Registries Evolution Branch
Strategic Initiatives Branch
Financial and Administrative Shared Services Division
Red Tape Reduction
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
McComb, Melinda
780 644-4584 Licensing Administrator
Anderson, Bonnie
Senior Licensing Administration Clerk

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction

Phone: 780 422-8190
Fax: 780 427-3033

780 422-8190 Senior Licensing Administration Clerk
Ball, Valerie
780 427-4080 Senior Licensing Officer
Courteille, Ashley
780 644-3671 Licensing Officer
DeNeve, Virginia
780 427-4201 Licensing Officer
Dyksley, Dallas
780 644-7884 Licensing Officer
Maraj, Anne
780 427-4094 Licensing Officer
Nguyen, Kym
780 415-0862 Licensing Officer
Pokharel, Ananta
780 422-8168 Licensing Officer
Silva, Sonia
780 422-8193 Licensing Clerk/Claims Coordinator

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