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Organizational Units

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Organizational Units

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Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission
Consumer, Registry and Strategic Services Division
Financial and Administrative Shared Services Division
Client Services Operations Branch
FOIP Operational Services Branch
Alberta King's Printer
Access Services - Portfolio 1
Access Services - Portfolio 2
Personal Request Services
Procurement Services Branch
Central Logistics Branch
Red Tape Reduction
Personal Request Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Marks, Richard
780 638-4036 Director
Bhimani, Yasmin
780 644-4935 FOIP Senior Advisor
Croteau, Sonia
780 643-2833 FOIP Advisor
Banda, Hilda-Klara
FOIP Advisor
Personal Request Services

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction

FOIP Advisor
MacKay, Lori
780 644-1629 Senior FOIP Advisor
Ogunyemi, Bidemi
780 641-9514 FOIP Administrator
Parram, Ordian
780 415-2956 FOIP Advisor
Petlak, Shannon
  FOIP Clerk
Van Der Boor, Marlene
780 422-6488 Senior FOIP Advisor
Alhijawi, Randa
780 422-7409 FOIP Senior Advisor
Chaudhry, Amber
  Senior FOIP Advisor
Chidiak, Joseph
825 468-4083 Access and Privacy Advisor
Ekekhor, Peter
780 644-2854 FOIP Advisor
Naboulsi, Lina
780 644-1935 Senior FOIP Advisor
Retzer, Sandra
  FOIP Clerk
Cortes, Rebecca
  FOIP Administrator
Young, Joshua
780 643-0945 FOIP Administrator
Hodge, Chris
780 644-5332 FOIP Coordinator
Abiona, Christopher
780 638-1137 FOIP Senior Advisor
Bartolome, Madelyn
780 643-2830 FOIP Senior Advisor
Henson, Kerrie
780 644-8446 FOIP Senior Advisor
Borle, Lena
780 644-4885 FOIP Advisor
Dixit, Ankita
780 644-0395 FOIP Advisor
Eberhardt, Ryan
780 638-3130 Senior FOIP Advisor
Heck, Laura
780 638-3799 Senior FOIP Advisor
King-Lewandowski, Karen
780 415-9177 Senior FOIP Advisor
Carpio, Jem
780 644-2397 FOIP Intake Administrator
Mehendale, Gauri
780 422-6487 FOIP Intake Administrator

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