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Organizational Units

Seniors, Community and Social Services
Organizational Units

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Seniors, Community and Social Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Preventive Community Services Division
Employment and Financial Services Division
Disability Services Division
Strategic Services Division
Housing Division
Seniors Division
Policy, Planning and Legislative Services Branch
Seniors Program Delivery Branch
Seniors Financial Assistance Unit
Loan Programs
Special Needs Assistance Program
Client Relations
Alberta Seniors Benefit
Program Services
Program Support Unit
Client Payment Management
Research and Program Policy
Seniors Strategic Planning Branch
Special Needs Assistance Program
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information 780 644-9992
Bosch, Dianne
780 422-4508 Manager
Spilak, Jan
780 427-2821 Team Lead, Special Needs Assistance Program
Bidwell, Heidi
780 427-6305 Needs Assessor
Bindon, Sharon
780 427-2989 Needs Assessor
Forian, Michelle
780 427-6263 Needs Assessor
Gablemann, Roberta
780 422-7251 Needs Assessor
Gordychuk, Danielle
780 422-7610 Needs Assessor
Jimenez, Christine
780 422-8843 Needs Assessor
Kelemen, Tracey
780 422-7279 Needs Assessor
Myers, Deanna
780 641-9324 Needs Assessor
Presisniuk, Sharon
780 422-6154 Needs Assessor
Shrimpton, Marilyn
780 427-8920 Needs Assessor
Willard, Lucy
780 422-4539 Needs Assessor

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