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Organizational Units

Seniors, Community and Social Services
Organizational Units

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Seniors, Community and Social Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Financial Planning
Financial Reporting and Compliance
Policy, Operations and Procurement
Regional Finance
Internal Audit
Preventive Community Services Division
Employment and Financial Services Division
Disability Services Division
Strategic Services Division
Housing Division
Seniors Division
Regional Finance
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
587 983-4940 Director, Regional Finance
Benson, Dave
403 340-5944 Manager
Awan, Shehzad
403 297-6439 Budget Analyst
Kuhnert, Kelly
403 340-7768 Budget Analyst
Nguyen-Heinrichs, Candace
403 355-4136 Budget Analyst
Wong, Winston
403 297-5677 Budget Analyst
Poon, Valerie
780 868-5305 Manager
Abraham, Shibi
780 427-1053 Budget Analyst
Elliott, John
780 427-8859 Budget Analyst
Johnson, Dana
780 422-3447 Financial Analyst
Keeling, Heather
403 715-4310 Manager, Financial Reporting
Shah, Prashant
403 592-4149 Budget Analyst
Gertzen, Ashley
403 345-7987 Fiancial Analyst
Williams, Lorraine
780 324-3210 Financial Analyst
Young, Jennifer
780 324-3241 Financial Analyst

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