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Organizational Units

Seniors, Community and Social Services
Organizational Units

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Seniors, Community and Social Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Preventive Community Services Division
Civil Society and Community Initiatives Branch
Community Preventive Initiatives
Premier's Council on Charities and Civil Society Secretariat & Civil Society Fund
Homeless Supports and Housing Stability Branch
Employment and Financial Services Division
Disability Services Division
Strategic Services Division
Housing Division
Seniors Division
Community Preventive Initiatives
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Rippin Kaufman, Courtney
780 644-2162 Director, Community Preventive Initiatives
Bubevska, Renata
780 278-8490 Team Lead, Civil Society and Community Initiatives (CSCI) Grants
Achampomaa, Ernestina
780 920-3419 Senior Policy Analyst
Hernandez, Luigi
780 427-4075 Program Analyst
Wright, Arlene
780 422-5669 Administrative Assistant
Smathers, Kim
780 422-5357 Program Officer
Prout, Kristi
780 293-7394 Manager, Programs and Policy
Maina-Sabeski, Alicia
  Senior Policy Analyst
Nowakowski, Nicole
587 989-4102 Program Officer

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