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Organizational Units

Seniors, Community and Social Services
Organizational Units

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Seniors, Community and Social Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Preventive Community Services Division
Employment and Financial Services Division
Disability Services Division
Strategic Services Division
Appeals, Administration and Accountability Branch
Modernization Office Branch
Strategic Data Analytics and Business Services (SDABS) Branch
Data Development and Analytics
Emergency Management, Accommodations and Security Services (EMASS)
Strategic Policy and Planning Branch
Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
Housing Division
Seniors Division
Data Development and Analytics
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Xiang, Roc
780 937-4862 Director, Data Development & Analytics
Simons, Clement
780 293-9452 Manager, Models and Analysis
Meredith, Evan
780 422-5356 Senior Statistical Methodologist
Oguntade, Kenny
780 643-6536 Data and Contract Advisor
Banovic, Todd
780 644-2061 Program Planner
Patel, Vishal
780 415-1850 System Administrator
Dosser, Kyle
780 616-1905 Manager, Program Data and Reporting
Kadiri, Dauda
780 415-9578 Service Information and Systems Specialist
Liu, Kayla
780 422-6661 Service Information and Systems Specialist
Wong, Jean
780 644-2151 Service Information and Systems Specialist
Young, William
780 644-2314 Service Information and Systems Specialist
Rasmussen, Kyler
587 983-5031 Manager, Research and Open Data
Savage, Amber
780 422-5387 Senior Researcher
Koval, Andriy
780 644-9461 Data Analyst
Lynch, Colin
780 643-0952 Open Data Project Lead
Gamache Labrie, Maryse
780 427-6659 Senior Data Analyst
Landals, Matthew
780 427-3634 Statistician
Wang, Huaitang
  Manager, Business Intelligence
Howard, Jason
780 643-0953 Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
Murphy, Chris
780 427-4041 Business Analyst
Mutyala, Sri
780 422-4351 Business Analyst
Singh, Charan Jeet
780 644-7947 Business Analyst
Isaieva, Halyna
  Business Analyst

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