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Organizational Units

Seniors, Community and Social Services
Organizational Units

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Seniors, Community and Social Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Corporate Finance Division
Preventive Community Services Division
Employment and Financial Services Division
Disability Services Division
Office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
Disability Policy and Supports
Disability Services Delivery North
Disability Services Delivery North Zone
PDD North Zone
FSCD North Zone
Procurement and Resource Management North Zone
Regional Support Services
Direct Operations North Zone
Disability Services Delivery South
Service Delivery Improvement and Integration Branch
Strategic Services Division
Housing Division
Seniors Division
FSCD North Zone
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Kabyn, Tracy
780 813-0278 FSCD Supervisor
Skogstad, Amber
780 305-8045 Disability Services Caseworker - Barrhead
Bell, Jacqueline
780 714-1125 Disability Services Caseworker - Ft. McMurray
Dallaire, Whitney
780 714-1125 Disability Services Caseworker - Ft. McMurray
Lindballe, Bernadette
780 201-2624 Disability Services Caseworker - St. Paul
Peterson, Andrea
780 201-8811 Disability Services Caseworker - St. Paul
Weppler, Samantha
780 212-8550 Disability Services Caseworker
Shmyr, Kerri
780 538-6232 Administrative Team Lead
Brennan, Lisa
780 865-8320 Administrative Assistant
Chmilar, Donna
780 538-5570 Administrative Assistant
Lanti, Leona
780 538-6118 Urban Program Supervsior
Buckler, Tania
780 624-6142 Service Coordinator
Larocque, Livia
780 933-2687 Service Coordinator
Prudhomme, Val
780 223-3598 Service Coordinator
Smith, Rhonda
780 538-5496 Service Coordinator
Jacob, Cory
780 219-5167 Program Supervisor
Bailey, Dana
780 527-9433 Disability Services Caseworker
Bouchard, Mona
780 624-6123 Service Coordinator
Degroote-Olsen, Kelly
780 706-5101 Service Coordinator
Gagnon, Nolan
780 849-7354 Services Coordinator
Knowles, Jana
780 740-3453 Service Coordinator
Phillion, Nicole
780 219-0522 Service Coordinator
Meropoulis, Kendra
780 288-3176 Disability Services Caseworker
Shimoon, Anjil
780 624-6137 Service Coordinator
Wood, Julie
780 624-6313 Service Coordinator

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