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Organizational Units

Public Safety and Emergency Services
Organizational Units

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Public Safety and Emergency Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Emergency Management Agency
Allberta Parole Board Secretariat
Correctional Services Division (CSD)
Financial Services Division
Business Services Branch
Financial Services Branch
Financial Planning Unit
Financial Reporting and Operations Unit
Public Security Division (PSD)
Strategic, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Financial Reporting and Operations Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Debinski, Lidia
780 644-2008 Director, Financial Reporting and Operations
Li, Susie
780 427-4865 Manager, Financial Operations and Capital Assets
Zhao, Ningjing (Chrissie)
780 427-9945 Capital and Financial Systems Analyst
Coulthard, Dennis
  Financial Analyst
Kurian, Mary Anne
780 422-3759 Financial Analyst
Mawuko-Yevugah, Yvonne
780 415-1929 Financial Analyst
Mah, Raymond
780 644-1741 Manager, Assurance and Financial Systems
Pridmore, Tracy
780 554-4966 Operations Analyst
Woldnik, Nancy
  Senior Administrator
Yan, Stella
780 638-4781 Assurance Analyst
Coralejo, Nicholas
780 638-1108 Financial Analyst
Tang, Lucy
780 427-3251 Manager, Financial Reporting and Analysis
Hao, Yuting
  Financial Analyst
Johal, Harpinder
780 638-4780 Financial Analyst
Zape-Militante, Josie Faith
780 427-4532 Financial Analyst

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