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Organizational Units

Public Safety and Emergency Services
Organizational Units

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Public Safety and Emergency Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Emergency Management Agency
Allberta Parole Board Secretariat
Correctional Services Division (CSD)
Financial Services Division
Business Services Branch
Enterprise Change Advocate Team
Facilities, Fleet and Emergency Management Services Unit
Procurement Services
Financial Services Branch
Public Security Division (PSD)
Strategic, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Facilities, Fleet and Emergency Management Services Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Barros, Amanda
780 937-3721 Director, Facilities, Fleet and Emergency Services
Banack, Shawna
780 862-7316 Planning Manager
Carty, Sarah
780 264-3460 Facilities Coordinator
Foreman, Matt
587 338-3173 Senior Accomodations Planner
Hashmi, Samya
587 643-6239 Senior Accommodation Planner
Hassard, Stephanie
780 289-3352 Senior Accommodation Planner
Schmidt, Kayla
587 545-9897 Senior Accommodation Planner
Sebastian, Sanjay
587 338-3247 Senior Accomodations Planner
Redding, Paul
780 991-7334 Fleet and Safety Manager
Harper, Natalia
587 983-1073 Fleet Safety Officer
Kuss, Tim E
587 784-0250 Fleet Safety Officer
Klatt, Stacey
780 644-8451 Fleet Administrative Support
Noble, Jennifer
587 599-2503 Fleet and Equipment Coordinator
Reiling, Jordan
780 691-1839 Fleet and Equipment Coordinator
Smith, Marcus
780 983-2867 Fleet and Equipment Coordinator
Howlader, Daniel
780 217-0435 Emergency Management Analyst

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