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Organizational Units

Public Safety and Emergency Services
Organizational Units

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Public Safety and Emergency Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Emergency Management Agency
Allberta Parole Board Secretariat
Correctional Services Division (CSD)
Custody Operations Branch (COB)
Community Corrections Branch (CCB)
Correctional Planning and Innovation Branch (CPIB)
Correctional Programs and Services Branch (CPSB)
Contracting and Supply Management
Young Offender Community Corrections Offices
Training Academy (TA)
Financial Services Division
Public Security Division (PSD)
Strategic, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Correctional Programs and Services Branch (CPSB)
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Rainault, Shawn
780 422-5019 Executive Director, Young Offender Branch
Demeter, Tracy
780 427-3056 Office Coordinator / Administrative Assistant
Cotton, Karen
780 422-3658 Director
Stansberry, Michael
780 427-3453 Senior Manager
Wagar, Nancy
780 644-2561 Administrator, Finance and Purchasing
Mueller, Ryan
403 388-1979 Director
Hoschka, Brooklyn
780 644-2705 IRCS Co-Case Coordinator
Ferguson, Chad
780 638-5613 Programs Analyst

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