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Organizational Units

Public Safety and Emergency Services
Organizational Units

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Public Safety and Emergency Services
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alberta Emergency Management Agency
Allberta Parole Board Secretariat
Correctional Services Division (CSD)
Custody Operations Branch (COB)
Community Corrections Branch (CCB)
Programs and Policy Development Unit
Attendance Centres District
Calgary Attendance Centre
Edmonton Attendance Centre
Youth Attendance Centres
Edmonton District
North District
South District
Correctional Planning and Innovation Branch (CPIB)
Correctional Programs and Services Branch (CPSB)
Training Academy (TA)
Financial Services Division
Public Security Division (PSD)
Strategic, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Calgary Attendance Centre
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Information 403 297-2400
Striblehill, Timothy
403 651-1338 Manager
Brown, Christina
587 836-9765 Senior Probation Officer
Gallagher, Shannon
403 805-8678 Senior Probation Officer
Ashboth, India
403 827-5249 Probation Officer
Baciu, Cosmin
587 839-9460 Probation Officer
Baldwin, Peter
403 297-8601 Probation Officer
Buzzie, Ashley
403 829-9378 Probation Officer
Dahl, Mitchell
587 437-5244 Probation Officer
Friesen, Mercedes
587 834-0465 Probation Officer
Glaseman, Whitney
403 297-2645 Probation Officer
Gratias, Hayden
403 831-6143 Probation Officer
Jackson, Erin W.
403 297-2654 Probation Officer
Kitschke, Michael
403 585-7205 Probation Officer
Korol, Brad
403 827-3922 Probation Officer
Koskaluk, Mercedes
403 297-4694 Probation Officer
Kruger, Brittney
403 827-6734 Probation Officer
Parmar, Aman
403 702-0745 Probation Officer
Penrod, Tyson
403 464-6296 Probation Officer
Weisser, Brett
403 829-8529 Probation Officer
Zucchi, Lindsey
403 297-6443 Probation Officer
Van Kruyssen, Sherry
403 297-2345 Fine Option Coordinator
Ostashek, Tyler
403 297-2671 Administrative Supervisor
Porter, Aggie
403 297-2400 Administrative Support
Schmidt, Shawn
403 297-6135 Administrative Support

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