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Organizational Units

Municipal Affairs
Organizational Units

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Municipal Affairs
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Municipal Assessment and Grants Division
Assessment and Property Tax Policy Branch
Grants and Education Property Tax Branch
Assessment Services Branch
Municipal Services Division
Technical and Corporate Services Division
Land and Property Rights Tribunal
Assessment and Property Tax Policy Branch
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Bigoray, Christine
780 422-8313 Director
Carletti, Ilona
780 422-8078 Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Rella, Teresa
780 415-6164 Advisor
Lloyd, Grant
780 427-3170 Manager, Assessment Program Delivery
Chaney, Richard
780 427-8966 Advisor
MacGregor, Andrew
780 415-8394 Advisor
Seatter, Nathan
780 422-8636 Manager, Assessment Strategic Policy
Comin, Matthew
780 641-9101 Advisor
Dore, Aynsley
780 638-2984 Advisor
Flynn, April
780 638-3745 Advisor
Olympia-Moore, Citas
780 422-8338 Assessment Technician
Dickie, Karen
780 427-3649 Administrative Assistant

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