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Organizational Units

Municipal Affairs
Organizational Units

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Municipal Affairs
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Municipal Assessment and Grants Division
Municipal Services Division
Technical and Corporate Services Division
Warranty, Certification and Policy Branch
Community and Technical Support Branch
Corporate Strategic Services
Strategic Initiatives, Evaluation and Agency Governance
Corporate Planning and Support
Land and Property Rights Tribunal
Corporate Planning and Support
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Robertson, Heather
780 920-7795 Director, Corporate Planning and Support
Coulter, Sherry
780 427-8888 Facilities and Fleet Coordinator
Brewer, Scott
780 499-7381 Senior Emergency Planning Officer
Lau, Karen M.
780 422-8059 Manager, Business Planning and Reporting
Lukasevics, Angelika
780 415-4945 Business Planning Analyst
Trofimuk, Thomas
780 427-8940 Business Planning Analyst
Bagnall, Jenna
780 298-5336 Corporate Accommodation Planner

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