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Organizational Units

Municipal Affairs
Organizational Units

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Municipal Affairs
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Municipal Assessment and Grants Division
Municipal Services Division
Municipal Policy and Engagement
Policy and Legislation
Engagement and Information Services
Policy Coordination
Municipal Capacity and Sustainability Branch
Public Library Services
Special Areas Board
Technical and Corporate Services Division
Land and Property Rights Tribunal
Policy and Legislation
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Hobbs, Lyndsay
780 643-1791 Director, Policy and Legislation
Kirsten, Van Der Meer
780 638-4027 Manager, Governance and Planning Policy
Amoh, Kofi
780 422-0043 Policy Advisor
Bezeau, Darlene
780 638-5698 Policy Advisor
Fitzpatrick, Chelsea
780 641-9221 Policy Advisor
Ndhlovu, Butho
780 427-9439 Policy Advisor
Markel, Angela
780 422-8328 Manager, Legislation
Douglas, Andrew
780 644-1905 Legislative Advisor
Duru, Edward
780 643-9101 Legislative Advisor
Friesen, John
780 427-0964 Legislative Advisor
Mountain, Josh
780 643-0970 Legislative Advisor

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