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Organizational Units

Municipal Affairs
Organizational Units

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Municipal Affairs
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Municipal Assessment and Grants Division
Assessment and Property Tax Policy Branch
Grants and Education Property Tax Branch
Grant Program Delivery
Policy and Strategy
Tax Programs and Assessment Audit
Assessment Services Branch
Municipal Services Division
Technical and Corporate Services Division
Land and Property Rights Tribunal
Tax Programs and Assessment Audit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Schiff, Jeremy
McDonald, Heather
780 644-8530 Manager, Grants in Place of Taxes (GIPOT)
Messervey, Zoe
780 638-3406 Grant Administrator, GIPOT
van Delden, Amanda
780 638-9409 Grant Advisor
Pazienza, Heather
780 422-8122 Grants Payment Coordinator
Cooper, Jason
780 641-9913 Manager, Education Tax and Equalized Assessment
Chelen, Pat
780 422-8406 Advisor
Eliott, Trevor
780 638-3212 Advisor
Sapon-Amoah, Aba
825 468-4147 Advisor, Ed Tax and Equalized Assessment
Ahmed, Rateb
780 644-8144 Program Advisor
Cassady, Ruth
780 422-8417 ASSET Technician
Walter, Doug
780 422-8363 Crown Property Assessment Auditor
Rossiter, Darren
780 422-8392 Manager, Assessment Audit North
Badger, Rory
780 638-4019 Assessment Auditor, North
Chan, Benjamin
780 422-8405 Assessment Auditor, North
Ferguson, Brian
825 468-4130 Assessment Auditor, North
Wong, Frank
780 644-7835 Assessment Auditor
Zheng, Ning
780 422-8410 Assessment Auditor, North
Blazek, Verle
403 388-1295 Senior Assessment Auditor, South
Butz, Larry
403 592-2717 Senior Assessment Auditor
Keough, Corinne
403 297-5723 Assessment Auditor, South
Lavigueur, Michael
403 297-5715 Assessment Auditor, South

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