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Organizational Units

Municipal Affairs
Organizational Units

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Municipal Affairs
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Municipal Assessment and Grants Division
Municipal Services Division
Technical and Corporate Services Division
Warranty, Certification and Policy Branch
Compliance and Assurance
Residential Protection Program
Accreditation and Certification
Policy and Central Operations
Community and Technical Support Branch
Corporate Strategic Services
Land and Property Rights Tribunal
Policy and Central Operations
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Inkster, Kevin
780 644-4808 Director, Policy and Central Operations
Neuman, Chris
780 644-9697 Manager, Data Analytics and Business Services
Elzinga, Dorothy
780 422-8818 Information and Program Advisor
Cusack, Jolene
780 638-4020 Data Analyst
Hugel, Greggory
780 643-0635 Data Analyst
Kitzul, Tammy
403 754-6293 Supervisor, Business Services
Imam Amanat, Syed
Financial Assistant
Policy and Central Operations

Municipal Affairs

Phone: 780 422-8030

780 422-8030 Financial Assistant
Chan, Maryjoy
780 638-2338 Grant and Contract Administrator
Stoesz, Danny
780 644-1010 Manager, Compliance Programs
Ramsay, David
780 644-1010 Senior Officer, Partnership Support
Allard, Gilles
780 644-1010 Partnership Support Officer
Eagles, Steve
780 644-1010 Partnership Support Officer
Lobban, Caroline
780 644-1010 Contract/Technical Advisor

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