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Organizational Units

Mental Health and Addiction
Organizational Units

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Mental Health and Addiction
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Policy and Programs Division
System Enhancement and Legislation Branch
Policy Implementation Unit
Legislation and Policy Unit
Business Intelligence and Systems Planning Unit
System Design and Monitoring Branch
System Overview and Strategic Services Division
Policy Implementation Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
780 422-2700 Director
Khalil, Zeenat
  Manager, Policy Implementation (Children/Youth)
Sedivy, Marie
780 643-1700 Manager
Trejic , Esma
587 983-5191 Manager
Winn, Caroline
780 422-1093 Manager
Cabunilas, Betsy
780 643-9352 Contract and Grant Administrator
Jimoh, Rasheedat
403 297-8770 Senior Policy Analyst
Kozak, Trent
780 641-8629 Senior Policy Analyst
Laguna, Maggali
780 643-9353 Senior Policy Analyst
Litviniuc, Anya
368 997-8416 Senior Policy Analyst
Marshall, Tyler
780 644-5257 Senior Policy Analyst
Nur, Ossob
  Senior Policy Analyst
Salt, Valerie
403 796-3534 Senior Policy Analyst
Blair, Michael
780 422-0757 Policy Analyst
Felisilda, Stella
780 422-4933 Administrative Assistant
Pena, Cherydul
780 644-7540 Administrative Assistant

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