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Organizational Units

Legislative Branch
Organizational Units

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Legislative Branch
Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Legislative Assembly Office
Office of the Speaker
Office of the Clerk
House Services
Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Parliamentary Programs
Ceremonial and Security Services
Library Services
Human Resource Services
Corporate Services
Constituency Offices
Auditor General
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Office of the Child and Youth Advocate
Office of the Ethics Commissioner
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Public Interest Commissioner (PIC)
Alberta Ombudsman
Library Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Legislature Library (Reference) 780 427-2473
Close, Heather
780 427-0204 Director, Library Services and Records Management
England, Louise
780 415-4502 Government Documents Librarian
Goodwin, Jennifer
780 427-0208 Manager of Library Operations
Hasnain, Sidra
587 686-7579 Information and Records Management Advisor
Maynes, Warren
780 427-0201 Serials Librarian
Thompson, Leanne
780 422-9316 Metadata and Collections Strategies Supervisor
Baker, Adrianne
780 415-2904 Digital and Client Services Supervisor
Tokay, Sara
587 686-4327 Librarian
Odeen, Alicia
780 644-5015 Library Technician
Sztym, Vanessa
587 404-9341 Library Technician
Taylor, Sarah
587 405-1451 Library Technician
Savoie, Samantha
780 415-2771 Reference Library Technician
Barnett, Jill
780 427-7612 Serials Library Technician
Martin, Andrew
780 422-9317 Systems Library Technician
Hagel, Kim
780 422-5085 Library Operations Administrator
Pavlin-Foley, Anne
780 427-0206 Library Operations Administrator
Reap, Dylan
780 427-3017 Librarian
Keith, Carmen
780 427-2473 Library Page
Simpson, Stephanie
780 427-2473 Library Page

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