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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister, Justice
Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Division (ACPS)
Court and Justice Services Division (CJS)
Strategic and Business Support
Business and Resolution Services
Dispute Resolution Services
Information Services
Legal and Legislative Initiatives
Policy, Analysis and Communications
Public Legal Education and Information
Resolution Services Programs
Alberta Law Libraries
Transcript Management and Strategic Divisional Operations
Policy and Research Analyst
Family Support Order Services Branch
King's Bench Administration
Court of Justice Operations
Court of King's Bench Judicial
Court of Appeal Judicial
Court Technology Services
Alberta Court of Justice
Alberta Court of Justice (Civil) - Administrators / Managers
Alberta Court of Justice (Traffic) - Administrators / Managers
Alberta Court of Justice Traffic and Civil (Calgary)
Alberta Court of Justice (Family and Youth Division) - Managers
Financial Services Division (FSD)
Financial Services Branch
Business Services Branch
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division
Legal Services Division (LSD)
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Alberta Human Rights Commission
Legal and Legislative Initiatives
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Anderson, Rob
780 427-2714 Acting Director
Stadlwieser, Treena
780 638-3373 Administrative Assistant
Albrecht, Bradley
780 644-1078 Legal Counsel
Berg, Elizabeth
780 644-9510 Legal Counsel
Fast, Ruth
780 644-7696 Legal Counsel
Tannahill, Aimee
403 355-4376 Legal Counsel
Kring, Bradley
780 644-2688 Legal Counsel
Hillenbrand, Kristin
780 415-0357 Legal Counsel

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