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Organizational Units

Jobs, Economy and Trade
Organizational Units

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Jobs, Economy and Trade
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Care Delivery Division
Child Care Strategy and Policy Division
Economic Development and Business Supports Division
Program Delivery Branch
Regional and Northern Economic Development
Economic Strategy and Investment Division
Financial Services Division
International Trade Division
Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division
Labour and Workforce Strategies Division
Advisor Office for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Medical Panels For Alberta Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Labour Relations Board - South
Labour Relations Board
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Main Number 780 422-5926
Nekolaichuk, Gordon
780 422-5926 Vice Chair
Schick, Jeremy
780 422-5926 Vice Chair
Semaine, Wassila
780 422-5926 Vice Chair
Smith, Ian
780 422-5926 Vice Chair
Schlesinger, Nancy
780 422-5926 Chair and Essential Services Commissioner
Gagne, Tamara
780 422-6352 Executive Assistant to the Chair
Brown, Tannis
780 422-3657 Executive Director
Lavender, Sheila
780 422-0095 Database Business Analyst
Agwo, Cynthia
780 427-0709 Labour Relations Officer
Baker, Graham
780 415-2714 Labour Relations Officer
Desbarats, Shasta
780 644-5174 Labour Relations Officer
Galdamez, Dan
780 427-0067 Labour Relations Officer
Lafave, Patricia
780 422-7378 Labour Relations Officer
Zurbrigg, Terri Susan
780 644-5260 Legal Counsel
Howells, Rhonda
780 422-6971 Legal Assistant/Administrative Officer
Lazar, Elena
780 722-7345 Manager, Operations and Administrative Services
deGuzman, Levika
780 422-7571 Correspondence Process Clerk
Sarafinchen, Chandra
780 422-6507 Correspondence Process Clerk
Claudette, Castro
780 422-3303 Application, Correspondence and Hearings Clerk
Zmau, Mariana
780 422-7571 Application Process Clerk
Mendoza, Gwen
780 638-4707 Hearing Coordinator / Financial Clerk / Receptionist
Zafar, Kanwal
780 422-6183 Hearing Coordinator / Financial Clerk / Receptionist

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