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Organizational Units

Jobs, Economy and Trade
Organizational Units

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Jobs, Economy and Trade
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Care Delivery Division
Child Care Strategy and Policy Division
Child Care Delivery
Child Care Administration and Early Intervention
Child Care Transformation
Child Care Policy and Continuous Improvement
Program Information, Evaluation and Performance Measurement Unit
Economic Development and Business Supports Division
Economic Strategy and Investment Division
Financial Services Division
International Trade Division
Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division
Employment Standards Program Delivery
Occupational Health and Safety Program Delivery
Inspection and Resolutions
Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations Unit
Occupational Health and Safety, Inspection Programs
OHS Inspections South
Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations Unit
Specialized Professional Services
Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Services
Business Integration
Labour and Workforce Strategies Division
Advisor Office for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Medical Panels For Alberta Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Palmer, Bill
780 422-5708 Manager
Looker, Neil
403 505-8597 Technical Advisor
Phillips, Tanis
403 356-7053 Administrative Assistant
Ayaeze, James
780 722-3659 OHS Officer
Hirang, Francisco
780 721-3199 OHS Officer
Lewis, Kimberlee
780 920-9488 OHS Officer
Murray-Bruce, Joy
780 907-9762 OHS Officer
Reteff, Timothy
780 910-3992 OHS Officer
von Schleinitz, John
780 903-2948 OHS Officer
Wright, Matthew
780 289-0505 OHS Officer
Brown, Darcy
587 876-8774 OHS Officer
Henley, Don
403 318-0497 OHS Officer
Hocken, Kurtis
403 396-5595 OHS Officer
Ireland, Michael
587 876-6418 OHS Officer
Muyres, Alycia
587 876-1325 OHS Officer
Southwood, Carol
403 396-8598 OHS Officer
Reinhardt, Krista
780 644-4490 Acting Manager
Schwieger, Daren
587 876-0836 Technical Advisor
Burch, Charles
780 289-6691 OHS Officer
Cheetham, Allan
587 991-8512 OHS Officer
Elliott, Paula
587 597-1675 OHS Officer
MacDonald, Robert
780 907-2815 OHS Officer
Shukla, Maneesh
780 974-7106 OHS Officer
Sumboh, Amos
780 554-3571 OHS Officer
Tegha Dunghu, Justus
780 446-0870 OHS Officer
Ducey, Lisa
780 370-9497 OHS Officer
Martinez, Marlon
780 715-4605 OHS Officer
Ofreneo, Nimson
780 940-7442 OHS Officer
Oloye, Ola
587 646-1049 Manager, North East Team
Pederson, Kevin
780 538-6252 Acting Manager
Pollock, Andrew
780 907-6758 Acting Technical Advisor
Atkins, Jeremy
780 296-3631 OHS Officer
Cerol, Paulo
780 897-2499 OHS Officer
Lennon, John
780 814-4547 OHS Officer
Gray, Dawn
780 288-7448 OHS Officer
Mohamud, Osman
780 974-1929 OHS Officer
Nchotu, Neba
780 686-4913 OHS Officer
Pettefer, Christopher
780 919-9457 OHS Officer
Rivard, Russ
780 886-1928 OHS Officer
Ryan, Dylan
780 554-2567 OHS Officer
Lee, Jasmine
403 669-5178 Acting Manager, Investigations Unit South
Phillips, Trish X.
403 297-7890 Investigations Assistant

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