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Organizational Units

Jobs, Economy and Trade
Organizational Units

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Jobs, Economy and Trade
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Care Delivery Division
Child Care Strategy and Policy Division
Economic Development and Business Supports Division
Economic Strategy and Investment Division
Financial Services Division
International Trade Division
Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division
Labour and Workforce Strategies Division
Corporate Planning and Reporting
Employer and Program Services Branch
Industry and Investor Supports
Regional Employer Supports
Labour Market Agreement and Analytics
Evidence, Policy and Governance Branch
Mediation Services
Training and Employment Services
Alberta Jobs Now Program
Workplace Policy and Legislation Branch
Advisor Office for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Medical Panels For Alberta Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Alberta Jobs Now Program
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Perry, Geoff
780 644-8708 Director
Hansen, Sarah
587 984-6610 Manager, Quality Assurance and Operations
Townsend, Sara
403 381-5332 Program Manager
Nacilla, Antoinette
780 229-7219 Program Development Specialist
Asmerom, Himan B.
780 427-4374 Grant Program Advisor
Dunn, Cindy
780 229-7268 Grant Program Advisor
Mathews, Sandra
780 408-8207 Grant Program Advisor
Omonfoman, Elohor
780 427-2214 Grant Program Advisor
Cet Domazet, Dubravka
780 644-8089 Grants Program Advisor
Elmaleh, Chika
780 229-7243 Grant Program Advisor
Langlois, Rachelle
403 476-4541 Grant Program Advisor
Rutley, Crystal
780 644-1187 Program Development Specialist
Harper, Jennifer
780 643-6693 Grant Program Administrator Team Lead
Day Ferguson, Holly
780 229-7272 Grant Program Administrator

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