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Organizational Units

Jobs, Economy and Trade
Organizational Units

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Jobs, Economy and Trade
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Care Strategy and Policy Division
Child Care Delivery
Child Care Administration and Early Intervention
Provincial Programs, Services and Initiatives Unit
Child Care Grant Funding Program
Child Care Claims and Payments
Child Care Transformation
Child Care Policy and Continuous Improvement
Program Information, Evaluation and Performance Measurement Unit
Economic Development and Business Supports Division
Economic Strategy and Investment Division
Financial Services Division
International Trade Division
Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division
Labour and Workforce Strategies Division
Advisor Office for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Medical Panels For Alberta Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Provincial Programs, Services and Initiatives Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Kleiter, Murray
780 422-6595 Director
Pokorski, Masha
780 644-2508 Manager, Provincial Programs
Brandschwei, Derek
587 532-7760 Senior Program Analyst
Farhat, Omar
587 346-9973 Senior Program Analyst
Paziuk, Cindy
780 446-1873 Senior Program Analyst
Worman, Evan
587 590-1137 Senior Program Analyst

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