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Organizational Units

Jobs, Economy and Trade
Organizational Units

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Jobs, Economy and Trade
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Care Delivery Division
Child Care Strategy and Policy Division
Economic Development and Business Supports Division
Economic Strategy and Investment Division
Financial Services Division
International Trade Division
Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division
Labour and Workforce Strategies Division
Corporate Planning and Reporting
Employer and Program Services Branch
Evidence, Policy and Governance Branch
Mediation Services
Training and Employment Services
Alberta Jobs Now Program
Workplace Policy and Legislation Branch
Advisor Office for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Medical Panels For Alberta Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Training and Employment Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Becker, Noelle
403 529-3692 Executive Director, Training and Employment Services
Basom, Randy
780 992-6717 Director, Regional Employment and Training, Edmonton/North
Maldonado, Joshua
780 644-1082 Manager, Training and Employment Services, Edmonton / North
Caird, Robin
780 849-7227 Indigenous Partnership Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Manchak, Dave
780 422-6912 Indigenous Partnership Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Gelico, Ariel
780 415-9716 Contract Assistant Supervisor, Edmonton/North and South
Buerger, Katherine
780 422-6913 Contract Services Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Davies, Stephanie
780 624-6143 Contract Services Coordinator, Edmonton/North
L'Ecuyer, Sandra
780 415-6232 Contract Services Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Nadeau, Shannon Kristeen
780 849-7223 Contract Services Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Prentice, James
780 422-3635 Contract Services Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Summers, Shannon
780 422-0908 Contract Services Coordinator, Edmonton/North
780 538-5626 Learner Benefit Specialist Supervisor, Edmonton/North
Addison, Mary
780 644-4922 Learner Benefits Specialist
Aryal, Prakash
  Learner Benefits Specialist
Cherriman, Terry
403 388-1948 Learner Benefits Specialist
Joshi, Deepshikha
780 644-5026 Learner Benefits Specialist
Nawaz, Saira
780 643-9438 Learner Benefits Specialist
Tuzlak, Dzevad
403 355-4025 Learner Benefits Specialist
McIlwraith, Tammy
403 363-4534 Learner Benefits Specialist-South
McDermott, Joan
780 538-5641 Indigenous Partnership Supervisor, Edmonton/North
Anthony, Mary
780 833-4755 Indigenous Partnerships Coordinator, Edmonton/North
Batt, Keri
780 608-2528 Administrative Assistant, Edmonton/North
Dhami, Harvinder
780 422-6988 Program Support, Edmonton/North
Espiloy, Blessy
780 641-9769 Contract Assistant
Murtagh-Watson, Kim
403 340-7044 Contract Assistant
Stahr, John
403 529-3535 Director, Regional Employment and Training, Calgary/Central/South
Houben, Sarah
403 529-3118 Administrative Assistant, Calgary/Central/South
Kipta, Tracey
403 529-3702 Manager of Employment and Training; Calgary/Central/South
Barker, Janice
403 754-6264 Indigenous Partnership Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Kotke, Camille
403 297-2717 Indigenous Partnership Coordinator, Calgary and area
Carpenter, Hallie
Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Training and Employment Services

Jobs, Economy and Trade

Phone: 403 382-4334
Fax: 403 381-5668

403 382-4334 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Chintowa, Anna
403 297-7847 Contract Services Coordinator
Dietrich, Jennifer
403 793-6592 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Hopp, Nicole
403 341-8621 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
McNeil, Kate
403 562-3240 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Meunier, Kim
403 529-3592 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Miller, Abidah (Abby)
403 297-4432 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
Scott, Alex
403 340-7043 Contract Services Coordinator, Calgary/Central/South
To, Tony
403 297-8727 Contract Services Coordinator

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