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Organizational Units

Jobs, Economy and Trade
Organizational Units

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Jobs, Economy and Trade
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Child Care Delivery Division
Child Care Strategy and Policy Division
Economic Development and Business Supports Division
Economic Strategy and Investment Division
Financial Services Division
International Trade Division
Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces Division
Employment Standards Program Delivery
Occupational Health and Safety Program Delivery
Inspection and Resolutions
Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations Unit
Occupational Health and Safety, Inspection Programs
Specialized Professional Services
Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Services
Business Integration
Labour and Workforce Strategies Division
Advisor Office for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers' Compensation
Medical Panels For Alberta Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation Board
Labour Relations Board
Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations Unit
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Occupational Helath and Safety Information 780 415-8690
Jackson, Candice
403 476-4699 Director, OHS Investigations
Smith, Marc
780 644-2550 Technical Advisor
Ladouceur, Sherry
780 415-9307 Business Manager
McBain, Robert
780 422-5981 Manager, Investigations Unit North
Eronini, Obinna
780 644-2048 OHS Lead Investigator
Pollard, Erin
780 422-5980 Investigations Assistant
Derkach, Trevor
780 538-5116 Technical Advisor
Brar, Kiki
780 644-4509 OHS Lead Investigator
Cabrera, Lorelie
780 743-7450 OHS Lead Investigator
Carragher, Michael
780 638-4339 OHS Lead Investigator
Hutchinson, Shawn
780 638-4337 OHS Lead Investigator
James, Corinne
780 833-4760 OHS Lead Investigator
Johnston, Michael
780 644-0386 OHS Lead Investigator
Pagani, Cleaven
780 643-1961 OHS Lead Investigator
Dodge, Deidre
780 538-5403 Investigations Assistant
Drover, Rhonda
780 833-4772 Investigations Assistant
Gomez, Alex
Technical Advisor
Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations Unit

Jobs, Economy and Trade

Phone: 780 427-7346
Fax: 780 427-0999

780 427-7346 Technical Advisor
Garland, Melissa
780 644-4466 Technical Advisor, Alternative Sentencing
Ducharme, Brooke
780 644-4508 OHS Lead Investigator
McIntyre, Sean
780 427-3613 OHS Lead Investigator
Pate, Heather
780 422-6214 OHS Lead Investigator
Pretty, Ted
587 343-0763 OHS Lead Invesitgator
Thomas, Desiree
780 644-0383 OHS Lead Investigator
Anton, Angie
403 594-0886 Lead Investigator
Lewis, Samantha
403 292-0313 Lead Investigator
Baker, Lee
403 754-6223 OHS Lead Investigator
Kwan, John C.
403 297-8021 OHS Lead Investigator
Lawson, Ron
403 592-3237 OHS Lead Investigator
Nandana, Shantha
403 297-7862 OHS Lead Investigator
Penner, Julia
403 826-0248 OHS Lead Investigator
Sperling, David
403 297-7870 OHS Lead Investigator
Tester, J. Bruce
403 351-0615 Lead Investigator

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