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Organizational Units

Indigenous Relations
Organizational Units

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Indigenous Relations
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Indigenous Women's Initiatives (IWI) Division
Consultation, Land and Policy (CLP) Division
Land Claims
Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO)
Strategic Engagement and Policy Innovation
Financial Services
First Nations and Metis Relations (FNMR)
Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC)
Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal (MSAT)
Consultation, Land and Policy (CLP) Division
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Djurfors, Thomas
780 644-5682 Assistant Deputy Minister
MacGregor, Abigail
780 643-0731 Acting Executive Advisor
Krawec, Vera
780 288-0535 Executive Advisor
Merali, Raeesa
  Divisional Issues Coordinator
Doblanko, Dolores
780 686-1533 Acting Executive Assistant

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