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Organizational Units

Indigenous Relations
Organizational Units

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Indigenous Relations
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Indigenous Women's Initiatives (IWI) Division
Consultation, Land and Policy (CLP) Division
Land Claims
Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO)
North Region
Southern Region
Process Enhancement and Regulatory Efficiencies / Strategic Relations
Strategic Engagement and Policy Innovation
Financial Services
First Nations and Metis Relations (FNMR)
Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC)
Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal (MSAT)
Southern Region
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Foisy, Susan
780 415-2845 Consultation Director
Holden, Tanya
780 638-9554 Region Lead, Southern Region
Brady, Amanda
780 643-9319 Consultation Advisor
Hafso, Toni
780 422-4571 Consultation Advisor
Van Rietschote, Marlene
403 355-2450 Approvals Specialist - Calgary
Sheikh, Shahrukh
780 638-1235 Consultation Advisor
Muench, Sandra
780 712-9545 Consultation Advisor
Leask, Dennis
403 476-4947 Approvals Specialist - Calgary
Biamonte, Vince
780 887-5355 Acting Region Lead, Upper Athabasca
Kelm, Stuart
780 644-3033 Consultation Advisor
Borzel, Kurt
780 723-8533 Consultation Advisor - Edson
Jordan, Magdalena
780 427-9442 Consultation Advisor
Lee, Thomas B.
403 755-2287 Consultation Advisor
Sywanyk, Heather
403 845-8587 Approvals Specialist - Rocky Mountain House
Underschultz, Robert
780 644-4998 Approvals Specialist

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