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Organizational Units

Indigenous Relations
Organizational Units

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Indigenous Relations
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Indigenous Women's Initiatives (IWI) Division
Consultation, Land and Policy (CLP) Division
Land Claims
Aboriginal Consultation Office (ACO)
North Region
Southern Region
Process Enhancement and Regulatory Efficiencies / Strategic Relations
Strategic Engagement and Policy Innovation
Financial Services
First Nations and Metis Relations (FNMR)
Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation (AIOC)
Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal (MSAT)
North Region
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Davey, Eric
780 644-4949 Consultation Director, Northern Region
Butt, Jody
780 643-1710 Region Lead, Northeast Region
Funwi, Joshua
780 638-9502 Consultation Advisor
Kingston, Brent
780 641-9966 Consultation Advisor
Kopecky, Robert
780 664-2305 Consultation Advisor
Metro, Alyssa
780 644-0215 Consultation Advisor
Yarmuch, Kim
780 643-9314 Consultation Advisor
Garritty, Kalina
780 644-4883 Approvals Specialist - Edmonton
Goulet, Jennica
780 538-6218 Approvals Specialist - Grande Prairie
Kim, Mirae
780 422-1834 Approvals Specialist
Maximchuk, Mike
780 624-7147 Region Lead, Northwest Region
Fedyniak, Kristine
780 415-9786 Consultation Advisor
MacDonald, Tim
780 833-4974 Consultation Advisor - Grande Prairie
Moet, Sheryl
780 644-1079 Consultation Advisor
Trostem, Sean
780 538-6202 Approvals Specialist - Grande Prairie
Ikonikov, Christine
780 552-0330 Approvals Specialist - Valleyview

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