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Organizational Units

Immigration and Multiculturalism
Organizational Units

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Immigration and Multiculturalism
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Financial Services Division
Financial and Corporate Services
Financial Services
Corporate Planning and Services
Immigration (IMM) Division
Newcomer and Multicultural Supports (NMS) Division
Financial Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Fedossenko, Inna
587 591-0095 Director, Financial Services
Wang, Lucy
780 720-3849 Director, Corporate Planning and Services
Hum, Linda
587 991-1851 Manager, Financial Planning
Jain, Aditya
780 643-2803 Budget Officer
Malazarte, Gwyne
780 427-3427 Budget Officer
Beech, Kevin
780 644-2751 Senior Procurement and Grant Analyst
Owczarek, Robert
780 982-4452 Manager, Financial Reporting
Sandouga, Heba
780 643-2805 Team Lead, Financial Operations
Leung, Joy
780 422-8647 Financial Reporting Analyst
Truong, Michael
780 638-1376 Financial Analyst

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